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Package Deal Azel SP-81 with D-508F Digital Floor Heating Thermostats

Package Deal Azel SP-81 with D-508F Digital Floor Heating Thermostats

Package Deal Azel SP-81 with D-508F Digital Floor Heating Thermostats

SP-81 and D-508F thermostat: SINGLE ZONE CIRCULATOR PUMP CONTROL (SWITCHING RELAY) WITH PRIORITY FOR FOR HYDRONIC RADIANT FLOOR HEATING SYSTEMS AND 1 UNIT OF NON-PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL FLOOR HEATING THERMOSTAT. SP-81: SINGLE ZONE PUMP / CIRCULATOR CONTROL (SWITCHING RELAY) FOR HYDRONIC/RADIANT FLOOR HEATING SYSTEMS. The SP-81 universal single zone hydronic radiant floor heating switching switching relay is operated by low voltage thermostats or any other low voltage controllers having a SPST switching action. The SP-81 provides intermediate switching to permit up to two separate line voltage loads such as circulators. D-508F: NON-PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL SLAB SENSING THERMOSTAT FOR HYDRONIC RADIANT FLOOR HEATING.

D-508F digital non-programmable hydronic radiant floor heating heat only thermostat is designed to control either ambient(air) temperature (A Mode) or floor temperature (F Mode) or a combination of ambient temperature with floor temperature limits(AF Mode). An auxiliary remote sensor is provided to measure slab temperature in order to control the floor temperature(within maximum and minimum limits in AF Mode). It can also be used for sensing the outdoor temperature in A Mode. Easy-to-Read Digital Multi-Display with backlit which provides constant readout of two sensor temperatureseg. Ambient and floor and setpoint simultaneously, functional status and control settings.

Three temperature control modes: A Mode : controls ambient temperature F Mode : controls floor temperature. Also displays current ambient temperature. AF Mode: controls the ambient temperature and maintains the floor temperature within the desired minimum limit for floor warming and maximum limit for protecting floor coverings. Also, displays current floor temperature.

QuickSet feature allows instant setpoint adjustment without entering the SETTING mode. Selectable display in °F or °C.

On/Off switch to shut off relay output or shutdown the thermostat at end of heating season for added security. EEPROM memory retains control settings in the event of a power failure. Lockout mode to prevent tempering by unauthorized personnel. Sensor failure and out of range indications. Backlit option: Auto 60 sec.

Supplied with P-01 floor sensor with 10 ft lead. RoHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant means this thermostat is Eco- friendly.

Display Format: Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) with backlit. Power Input : 24VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 0.5VA.

Setpoint Range (ambient): 34-100°F(1-38°C). Floor Temperature Control Range: 34-122°F(1-50°C) Default setting: 82°F (28°C). Maximum Floor Temperature Limit(AF Mode): 35-122°F(2-50°C) Default: 82°F(28°C).

Minimum Floor Temperature Limit(AF Mode): 34-121°F(1-49°C) Default: 40°F(5°C). Temperature Display Range: -22 to 131°F(-30 to 55°C). Switching Differential: A/F/AF Mode: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2°F(°C), Default: 1°F/1°C. Thermistors, 10" lead, 3/8"(9.5mm) OD x 13/16(20.6mm) length.

Operating Temperature: 32 - 122°F (0 - 50°C). Dimension: 3.62"W x 2.99"H x 0.91D(92 x 76 x 23mm).

Storage: -4 to 120°F (-20 to 50°C).
Package Deal Azel SP-81 with D-508F Digital Floor Heating Thermostats